Research Themes

I am an observational, multiwavelength astronomer. My expertise lies primarily in the X-ray and radio band, where I routinely use observatories like MeerKAT, the Very Large Array and ATCA, as well as Swift, NICER, NuSTAR, XMM-Newton, and Chandra, for my research. In addition, I have experience working with mm, IR, optical, and gamma-ray telescopes and data. I am a member of the ThunderKAT collaboration and NASA/NICER, Strobe-X, SKA, and ngVLA Science Working Groups, and have been involved in more than 50 succesful observing proposals as Principal Investigator (as well as numerous Swift and NICER Target-of-Opportunity requests and 28 proposals a co-investigator). 

My interests focus on the extreme physics taking place in the vicinity of massive stars, driven by accretion from their winds and by their impact on the surrounding ISM. Click on the images below for more details on each of the main research themes that I am interested and involved in. Alternatively, my CV and publications list are hosted on separate pages of my website. 

Accretion and jet launching around massive stars

Particle acceleration in bow shocks around massive runaway stars